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 Server Balancing

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[GM] Fireblade
[GM] Fireblade

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PostServer Balancing

Well i thought of alot. We need to balance all the stuff in the server, if we want a server which will keep a community of friends together. We need to make sure the server will not run dead within 6 months of launcing.

This why i thought of the following. These are for chars that can get really strong.

We have the reborn system which i wanna add, also 3 rd class selection. So if we can combine these we can make a really good server.
The reborn system needs to overviewed all the scripts i have are working but i need to edit these if i bring these into the game. No problem in that.

This is the idea

Reborn system are really a good system if it is used correctly, it allows you to go back to lvl 1 but skill and stats stays the same and you get bonus stats and skills points. Now if i wanna implement this, this have to be the ultimate quest in the game. Mininum lvl requirement wil be 150, which is quite hard coz there are gonna be no lvl jump.
Really tough quest. No killing mobz but collecting items like unseal 45 - 65 items, gems etc. This will result ppl into going more into mazes etc and will also boost the value of items in game. Now after these quest is done you will be reborn into a different class, which is the 3 rd class. After you are reborn into ur 3rd class, you will have a big advantage of the game. We make all new server items, like the goddess gems etc. only obtainable for 3 rd class.
Items will be like august fairies, 3 rd possesions, boss skills etc.
but the disadvantage is u will be lvl 1 again thus resulting you to lvl up again to be able to use your equips.
Also when u are 3 rd class u can do reborn over and over till ur stats are full to the max which is gonna be set.
This idea will have the basic of officials servers till after you are reborn which will have the advantage of new server modifications.
This would also help new players that play these servers for the first time to get to know the old school top and also be able to play new advantage school of top without the need to switch servers.
After the server reborn is completed it will change the balance to a fast char growing server, only then we have to make a plan to keep ppl from leaving, they always has the option into doing reborn again until their stats are maxed. When this happens ppl will get bored then, but that's why we have admin, scripters etc. to keep adding to the system to make players enjoy it more, when they reach their max.

This can grow into something really big and can result in being the ultimate private server which is my goals and value.

Now everybody would wow is this possible and how long would it take to make a server like this. Well i have to answer and say. Yes it is possible it's alot of work but not so much work, i like the challenge.

Example of things that need to be done

1 - 3 rd class must come to a conclusion.
After this i can start hexing the game.exe application and change the classes, also there are already scripts etc for 3 rd class selection already in game, they just don't use it. So it is also a matter of fact just edit those scripts to the new lvl bonuses etc.

2 - My reborn script are already written, so i just need to add 3 rd class selection to it. Not hard maybe 3 - 6 lines of scripts which can be added.

3 - All mayor unseal items for different chars need to be edit to make avaible for the 3 rd class.

4 - I need to add a quest mission to the scripts for this reborn, can only be done once the quest requirements comes to an conclusion. Also add a npc etc. to do quest. Like a story Quest.

5 - I need to configure or add new npc, for the updated new items and new skills. Make it only obtainable for 3 rd class.

6 - Skill need to come to an conclusions who get's what.

These are the mayor points which needs to be done.

If we implement this it can result into becoming something huge. We might have like afroo said more players than the official top server and other private server.
Also we have a diciple mentor system which i am gonna script which wil also make it more fun for ppl to inter act with each other.
This way you will not only be playing top private servers but you will also enjoy making new friends.

Everybody thinks wow look at this server. Here you can obtain really good items fast but what they don't know is that these server will always battle of staying ahead coz of the balance. Servers usaully runs dead and ppl and players move to new servers just to start all over again.

If i implement this and scripts this, this would be the first server to have these, and also there would be alot for ppl to do to keep them busy. If they get bored after reaching all their max limits then i will personally make then a GM, coz this won't be so easy to reach ur max stats. It would take alot of playing and sharing with friends and guilds.

Well these are a mayor idea i have for the new server. If we work toward this point then we can call ourself an ultimate server.

Plz post comment on these i need the info to decide what must i change or add.

Kind Regard

[GM] FireBlade
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Server Balancing :: Comments

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Server Balancing

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