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 Brilliant suggestions..

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PostBrilliant suggestions..

ok, so i been thinking and i got 2 ideas that you might like, now 1 of the 2 will be a Sh*tload of work if you implement it, BUT, believe me, you will have the best private server EVAR.

Idea nr 1 (Seems Simple enough)
Make an NPC that gives various quests to defeat someone/somthing or whatever, upon completition the player will receive a title, if he puts this on 4th slot - he will have a title added to his name.
Objective: Kill Squidy mini boss
Reward: Squid Killer

How it will look:
Title: Squid Killer
Name: BadKarma
Clan: Eclipse

Idea Nr 2 ( The Hard one, and i mean - REALLY HARD)
4th Rebirth, yes you heard that correctly - 4th rebirth.
This however no longer will be a traditional rebirth - oh no.
as a matter of fact i think this rebirth shouldnt be available in IM.
Heres what i imagine at 4th rebirht: "Choose your side, Heaven or Hell". No longer mixed wings, when you initiate 4th rebirth you get to choose what side you will join - Heaven or Hell. The quests will differ, if you complete heavens rebirth you will have all angel wings and if you have completed hell's quest you will have all demon wings. Also, i think it would be a nice touch if the abilities given as reward after completing the quest also differed, EG Heaven would be focused on healing and buffs while hell would be all about attack and debuffs.
Also, upon completition your name colour would change from white to either red(Hell) or yellow (Heaven) to show you have completed it.
The quest itself should be hard in objectives but i can imagine that you could make the objectives short and easy to make for yourself. And i want to stress that this shouldnt be available in IM and that all items required to complete it cannot be traded, that way you will have only dedicated players completing the quest.
I am sure that if you were to implement this you could end up with more players than ToP. IMO if you are capable of making maps, you should be capable of doing this. maybe objective should be like: Complete Maze 1,2,3,4,5,6 and retrieve boss item drops or summat like that.
This would be EPIC.
And the last idea, im not sure if this is possible, but then again - im not sure whther 4th rebirth is possible too...

3rd Class selection.
This too would make DSO that much more unique, a third class would be great, eg: Crus can advance to paladin or uhm...dervish (lol wut o.O). one would be concentrated on speed and dodging while the other would be about attack and defence. what i ould imagine is:

Swords man->Crusader->Paladin (More Attack, Defence)
->Crusader->Dervish (More Dodge, ASPD)
->Champion->Brute (More attack, 2 swords instead of 1 and high def)
->Champion->Golem(IMMENSE DEFENCE, but only 1 two handed sword and less attack than brute)
Explorer->Voyager->Pirate (Sea voy, more based on sea, sea skil)
->Voyager->Land Rot(Land Voy, more def and SPR and land skills, more balanced with other classes)
Herbalist-> Cleric->Heal master (Massive heals, few buffs)
->Cleric->Buff Master (Focused on buffs only, soem heals)
->Seal Master->Seal Expert(Focused on debuffs and sealing)
->Seal Master->Dark Mage (Focused on powerful spells)

Hunter->Sharpshooter->Assasin (Bow, good damage great speed, maybe stealth?)
->Sharpshooter->Gun Nut (Guns - main stat is accuracy)

Why do a 3rd class advancement? Well here what i suggest, aside of only getting a buff on current is to up the max one can add to his stats, so instead of 120 it owuld become 140 for eg ACC for a "Gun nut". also, i would suggest to not put this in IM or job changer, but have an actual hard quest for it.
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Brilliant suggestions.. :: Comments

Re: Brilliant suggestions..
Post on Sun May 09, 2010 2:13 am  Zmajbosne
3rd class is BEST idea till now !! and others are good too ... but 3rd is awesome =D=D
Re: Brilliant suggestions..
Post on Sun May 09, 2010 3:11 am  iraq
Good idea, but script this can take alot time. And it can be unbalanced(like Valnar server)
[GM] Fireblade
Re: Brilliant suggestions..
Post on Sun May 09, 2010 4:10 pm  [GM] Fireblade
Nice Input and Nice Ideas. Thanks alot for these.

4 th rebirth is possible. But why ppl on server don't bring it out etc. is coz 4th RB inbalance the server big time.
Make chars too strong, the mobz in the server are weak against 4 th rb. If we implement this into the server we have to balance everything out a bit more. I can't edit the mobz attack etc. that will cause other lower char a great disadvantage. The only solutions is that bring out stronger mobz with better item drops.
This is what i thought of this for so far. topic is still open for discussions thou.

3 rd class selection, now this sounds great. The server files i have support other classes aswell. When i look into the scripts. There are additional classes for chars. These are Artisan, Merchant, White Knight, Captain, Upstart and Engineer. All these classes are added in the scripts programmed etc. but they are not used. There must be a reason for that thou, maybe officials brought out these classes to implement them but something went wrong, maybe bugs etc. i am not sure.
Now the good news is that i can try and modify all these classes for the 3 rd class selection. Can't be so difficult, it is just a matter of fact looking where the scripts are located and edit them.
Now the Bad News is (not actually bad news ) - Doing all this will result in serious scripting. All new classes works with new skills, if we bring out new class selections then that means we must add new skills to the system. This can also result in also im balancing the system, but there might be a solution for this.

We make the mininum lvl 120 to do class quest, then we make quest to fight and kill boss mobz only. No char in server would be able to do this class quest alone they would have too have guild mates or friends to help them. Once they have done the requirements of the class quest they will receive new class. and also some bonus stats etc. like example increase defense etc... ( Different class will have different stats and bonuses ). Now for the fun part after they have their new class, they can learn new skills, but these skills will not be totally new, it will be mobz bosses skills. Also to obtain these skills u must have the class requirement and maybe do a story quest for the skills which can only be done alone.
As for the equips, there should be new equips aswell specific for these classes.

This is what i thought of this so far. If we bring out new classes and also with the reborn system and rebirth quest then char would be really be able to get strong. Also if we bring out these there might not be a rb 2 and 3 till we add new mobz and bosses. If push come to shove with the balance then i can always edit a mayor map like winter, give it a new name and load it into the server and put the new bosses etc there.

topic is still open for discussions. Tell me what u guys ( also girls Very Happy ) think.
Re: Brilliant suggestions..
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Brilliant suggestions..

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